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NEW construction machinery EQUIPMENT FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS


About us


Established in 1950, Xuanhua Construction Machinery Development Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HBXG) is a speciality manufacturer of construction machinery, such as bulldozer, excavator, wheel loader etc., as well as agriculture machinery in China, possessing independent ability for research &development and key manufacturing technology. HBXG is the unique manufacturer possessing the proprietary intellectual property and realizing the quantity production for the sprocket-elevated driving bulldozers, currently belong to the HBIS group, one of the top 500 enterprises in the world.

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feature products

Spocket Elevated driving Bulldozer SD7N(230HP), SD8N(320HP), SD9N(430HP) adopts modular design, driving sprocket are elevated to reduce the shock forces from the ground and the wear off from the sand and soil. So enjoy the features of high power transfer efficiency, low maintenance cost:Durable:high working efficiency and high safety co-efficiency by applying for brake constantly engaged clutches boosted by springs and hydraulically boost for disengaged, wet discs with free adjustment, reliable parking.

Arrivals products

Hydrostatic driving bulldozer SD5K(130HP), SD7K(240HP) enjoy the following main features of state 3 emission control, electronic control engine, powerful output, economical efficiency and durability with hydro-static movement system, stepless speed adjustment, pivot steering, full power matching, single lever electronic operating, pilot control, three working modes: Light load, Standard, Heavy load to realize the fuel saving.