HBXG FS550-21 Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator Showed Agricultural Machinery Equipment Exhibition in 2021

The 2021 Hebei · Shijiazhuang Agricultural Machinery Equipment & Parts Exhibition was held at the Shijiazhuang international new exhibition center, HBXG company with the FS550-21 Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator attended the exhibition.

On the opening day of the exhibition, HBXG company booth attracted the attention of a large number of domestic and international customers. HBXG company show FS550-21 Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator, which attracted many visitors at the booth.

FS550-21 Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator has soil super smashing and loosening technology, which is the new type farmland cultivation method, it is different from the traditional tractors’ farming way, like plow, revolve, rotate, rake, etc. Smashing and loosening, super deep plowing and deep loosening approach adopts the new type multiple twist drill bit, with high speed rotate into the ground about 60cm deep, fast propulsion, smashing the soil hardening block, ploughing stratum, plants roots into granule and powder instantly. Therefore, it has become the most epoch-making cultivation technique.

The presentation of the Super Smashing and Loosening Cultivator revolutionarily changes the traditional farmland cultivation type. Under the premise of not disordering the soil layer, vertical helical drill goes deeply into the soil layer to pierce and smash soil transversely with high speed, and improve the soil hardening conditions. The smashed and loosened soil layer increases aeration and water absorbing ability, enables crops to fully absorb nutrients from the soil and effectively promote the growth of the crops, and achieves the purpose of increasing yields and income finally.

Loosening Cultivator have been conducted in more than 20 domestic provinces and regions. Covering more than 30 types of the crops, including rice, sugarcane, corn, wheat, and so on, it  has demonstrated a obvious result of yield increase, which have great significance to increase the national grain output. Currently, the design level of the machinery is believed at the top position worldwide.

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Post time: Jul-07-2021