Sales of Big-Size Bulldozer Models Realized Rapid Growth

SD series bulldozers of HBXG adopt the most advanced sprocket-elevated technology in the bulldozer industry, which are popular in the high-end market because of its excellent technical advantages. But sprocket-elevated models have much more cost than ordinary models, and the prices are more expensive accordingly. So many customers choose the ordinary models because of the price problems in many oversea markets. 

In recent years,  Import and Export Department of HBXG has increased its efforts to promote sprocket-elevated bulldozers in South America, the Middle East and Africa.  On the one hand, our company made detailed PPT, videos and other technical materials to introduce the advantages of sprocket-elevated bulldozers in assembly, structure, maintenance and other aspects. On the other hand, our company organized competitions of sprocket-elevated bulldozers and ordinary bulldozers on the sites, so that customers could experience the high efficiency of sprocket-elevated bulldozer themselves.

Moreover, Import and Export Department of HBXG overcame the inconvenience caused by the epidemic and sent our business and service personnel to visit important customers in South America and the Middle East. They assisted customers to participate in various bulldozer bidding projects, and helped customers to solve the technical and service problems encountered in the bidding process. This professional support won the trust from the customers and end users, and made it easier for them to accept the sprocket-elevated bulldozers of HBXG. 

Under the unremitting efforts of Import and Export Department, the company has realized the rapid development of the sprocket-elevated bulldozers’ sales. In particular, the businesses of 320 horsepower of SD8N bulldozer made a breakthrough in the South American and Middle Eastern  markets in the second half of 2021. We acquired continuous batch orders and got wide recognition from the customers, which laid a solid foundation for the next year’s market expansion.  




Post time: Jan-14-2022